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Ti Parts Workshop

Ti Parts Workshop Aluminum Spider (130 BCD) (T Line)

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T Line 原裝曲柄用的鋁合金五爪盤,八種顏色選擇,從此 T Line 原裝曲柄就可以更換不同款式的盤片。⁣

重量: 78克⁣
物料: 6061-T6⁣
BCD: 130BCD⁣
規格: FSA Direct Mount⁣
Offset: 14.5mm⁣

The aluminium alloy spider for T Line stock cranks. There are eight colours to choose from. From now on, T Line stock cranks can be replaced with different styles of chainrings.⁣

Weight: 78g⁣
Material: 6061-T6⁣
BCD: 130BCD⁣
Specifications: FSA Direct Mount⁣
Offset: 14.5mm⁣