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Lightworks Carbon Fiber Chainring

Lightworks Carbon Fiber Chainring


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Number of Teeth
-11/12 speed
-Narrow wide teeth
-BCD110 / BCD130

BCD110 42T 44g
BCD110 44T 50g
BCD110 46T 55g
BCD110 48T 60g
BCD110 50T 63g
BCD110 52T 72g
BCD110 54T 79g
BCD110 56T 83g
BCD110 58T 88g

BCD130 42T 45g
BCD130 44T 45g
BCD130 46T 49g
BCD130 48T 53g
BCD130 50T 57g
BCD130 52T 62g
BCD130 54T 69g
BCD130 56T 73g
BCD130 56T 78g
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