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Ti Parts Workshop Mini Pedal and EzyWheel For Brompton Archive Edition

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Mini Pedal/ EzyWheel
為配合 Brompton Archive Edition 三色限量版,Ti Parts Workshop都推出了三種特別顏色的腳踏和易行輪,今次的三色特別版都是採用了Cerakote 塗層技術,提供超薄、堅硬、穩定的層,可抵抗磨損、腐蝕、化學品甚至太陽的紫外線輻射。⁣⁣

腳踏只有銀色軸單快拆版本  (198g/ Pair)
易行輪 只有銀色短螺絲版本  (87g/ Pair)

In order to match the three-color limited edition of Brompton Archive Edition, Ti Parts Workshop launched three special colors of pedals and EZY wheels. This three-color special edition adopts Cerakote coating technology to provide super Thin, hard, stable layer that resists abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and even the sun's UV radiation. ⁣⁣
This time the three-color limited edition will only be produced in a very very small number, and will not be reproduced after the production is discontinued. 

Pedal - Only the silver axle single QR version  (198g/ Pair)
EZY Wheels - Only silver short bolt version  (87g/ Pair)